Sunday, September 23, 2007

Anson Call Monument

Elder Tingy, the quorum of the 70 president, spoke first.
Dallin H. Oaks, from the quorum of the 12 apostles spoke next. He talked about all of the towns Anson Call founded. He then dedicated the monument. It was really neat to see him and hear him speak! His late wife is related to Anson Call.
This is the front of the monument.
The monument is located at "This is the Place" in Salt Lake City, Utah.
There is a map of all the towns he founded on the back of the monument. I took a picture of Parowan and Callville! They are the best places! haha


Kim and Melissa said...

Hello fellow Calls!
I am also related to Anson Call. in fact, my father publised his journel a few years back. he also put together the monument idea a long time ago, but passed on before it was ever completed. my mother is in the picture with Dallin H oaks, she's right in front of him in the reddish dress! it's amazing to me all the decendents of Anson. i'm glad i found your blog and pictures.
kim call

Reed Wright said...

Just found this(31 Aug 09.) I descend though Anson's son Willard and his first wife. Their daughter Jenny married grandfather Ernest Delbert Walker. Their son, WIllard Reed was my birth father. My mom divorced him and married a Wright. I was legally adopted to surname of Wright. I knew precious little about my birthlines until I was in my forties. I love everything I find.

C Janine said...

My name is Calie Janine Call Taylor. My daughter asked me today, which "Work and The Glory" book Anson Call was in. I didn't know. So I goggled Anson Call and found your blog. My father was Anson Call, Jr. His father was Willard Call and his father was Anson Call. I love my heritage! My father sired seven blond, blue eyed daughters. So we can only pass on his first name to our children. Anson was a great and honorable man! Thanks for establishing your blog!